Keller Williams CT Home Pro Network

25 Home Professionals - West Hartford, CT

Sandi Lanigan

Creative-Practical-Affordable with 10 Years Experience

Mike Regan

General Contractor with 18 Years Experience

Raymond Fallon

For All of Your Moving & Storage Needs

Home Air Environmental

Professional Remediation of Mold, Bacteria & Odors

Louis Tavano

Attorney with 23 Years Experience

Schneider's Flooring America

Flooring Specialist

Phoenician Home Improvement

General Contractor with 20 Years Experience

Sean Ryan

Home inspection consultant with 11 Years Experience

Greg Shettle

A Law Firm You Can Trust with 25 Years Experience

Theodore Poulos


Mike Brown

Claims Analyst with 2 Years Experience

Michael Whalen

Assistant Manager of Business Development with 3 Years Experience

Brian King

Painter with 8 Years Experience

Brad Malicki

Real Estate Attorney with 14 Years Experience

Paul Stansel

Auctioneer with 18 Years Experience

Alan St. George

Home Inspector with 30 Years Experience

John Hagel

Real Estate Attorney

Zach Eddinger

"Expert landlord-for-hire" with 5 Years Experience

Brenda Kokenos

Professional Photographer

Keith Hathaway


Jim Giangreco

Home & Office Cleaning with 18 Years Experience

Bethany Babbitt

Practical solutions to complicated problems with 12 Years Experience

Edward West

Residential and Commercial Electrical Contractor with 16 Years Experience

Eric Schmitt

Radon Specialist

Annie Bobbitt

House Cleaning


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