The Valley Vendor List

17 Home Professionals - Longmeadow, MA

Jennifer Nash

Branch Manager, NMLS #829975

Allied Resource

Brokerage Preferred Partner

Carlene Shannon, NMLS #403116

Senior Loan Officer with 17 Years Experience

Brokerage Preferred Partner

Brokerage Preferred Partner

Paul Beatty NMLS #19190

Mortgage Broker

Brokerage Preferred Partner

Brokerage Preferred Partner

Sandi Lanigan

Creative-Practical-Affordable with 10 Years Experience

Ed Wagner

Home Inspector with 10 Years Experience

Ronald Corriveau

Clean out and Estate Services with 20 Years Experience

Joseph A. Pacella

Real Estate Attorney

Francis Mirkin

Real estate services and all other legal services

Jason Jean NMLS #135889

Loan Originator with 10 Years Experience

Mark Roy

Homega Inspector with 20 Years Experience

Donald Anderson

Attorney with 31 Years Experience

Tony Rosa

We Know Value with 16 Years Experience

Kevin Fall

Cleaning and Restoration Services

Michael Sacenti

Mold Remediation using Natural & Safe Solutions

Thomas Skrodzki

Home Inspection - Pest Control - Mold with 17 Years Experience


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