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Attorney Samuel Gould began working in real estate doing title work prior to attending Massachusetts School of Law. During school, Attorney Samuel Gould clerked for Balliro and Mondano, a criminal and civil litigation firm in downtown Boston, and competed for 2 years in MSL’s nationally recognized and award winning mock trial team. Prior to becoming a member of the bar he also worked with the Law Offices of Gould & Gould working with lenders to record mortgage discharges, drafting corrective deeds and affidavits, and drafting and filing petitions to quiet title. After graduating from law school and being sworn into the Massachusetts bar Attorney Samuel Gould began working as an associate at Gould & Gould in the fields of real estate, probate, family, bankruptcy and criminal law. Attorney Samuel Gould has experience working with buyers, sellers and lenders throughout the entire process of the purchase and sale of residential real estate. He has also represented clients in both probate/family, bankruptcy and criminal courts and has achieved favorable outcomes for all his clients. Attorney Samuel Gould also works closely in association with civil and criminal litigation attorneys in Massachusetts and frequently attends depositions and advocates for clients.