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Mitchell E. Weisman has been a member of the firm since 1983 and a partner since 1988. He managed the firm's first satellite office on the North Shore and shortly into his tenure moved on to act as coordinator for the rapidly growing real estate department and is largely responsible for it's phenomenal growth and reputation. Attorney Weisman is a frequent speaker at realtor and first time homebuyer seminars and acts as a liason with the firm's lender clientele. He continues to fine-tune the conveyancing practices and procedures to ensure seamless closings and enhance client relations. Mr. Weisman is a past President of the Massachusetts Association of Bank Counsel and a member of the Massachusetts Real Estate Bar Association. He is Vice-President for the Board of Directors of Camp Bauercrest in Amesbury, Massachusetts and a recruiter/interviewer for his alma mater, Northwestern University.

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Ron Carpenito - Keller Williams

If you're looking to build a long term relationship with a competent, commitment and skillful attorney who will represent you and your client properly, Mitchell is someone you should speak with. He will tell you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear and help you cut through the bull. He has been an invaluable resource to our team for over 8 years and has saved numerous deals for us as well.

Debbie and Ed Kruzel - Keller Williams Realty

Mitchell is wonderful to work with! He is patient, thorough, and responsive. He has helped several of my sellers over the years and I appreciate when he comes into the office to discuss how to keep agents safe and keep our real estate transactions together. Thanks, Mitchell!

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